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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between mediation and conflict coaching?

Mediation is conducted with all parties to the dispute present and is generally geared toward collaborating to resolve a specific dispute or legal case. Coaching is a one-on-one process where you and I meet without other parties present. For instance, you may want help managing a current conflict in your life, a recurring pattern of conflict, or to prepare for an upcoming difficult conversation. 

If you aren't sure which process you may need or want, contact me and we can discuss what is best for your situation during an initial consultation.

How do you charge?

My initial 20-minute consultation is free. During that consultation, we assess whether we are a good fit and whether I can help you. If we decide to work together, mediation is charged by the hour with a minimum of two hours. I offer coaching in packages starting with three one-hour sessions. Please contact me if you would like to set up a free consultation to get the ball rolling.

Who pays for mediation?

Typically, the parties split the fee for mediation.

Are your services provided in-person, online or by phone?

Currently, mediation is conducted online via Zoom. Coaching is online via Zoom or by phone. If those modes don't work for you, we can discuss alternatives.

How long does mediation take?

That depends! Mediation can take as little as a few hours if it is a straightforward case with relatively low conflict, or it can take days if the situation is complex and/or particularly emotionally charged. The parties have control over how long it continues and can decide to stop mediating at any time.

How long does coaching take?

Coaching is usually conducted in one hour sessions. The number of sessions is based on individual need but typically at least 3 to 6 sessions is required.

Please contact me with additional questions.

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