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Conflict Coaching


Conflict coaching is a one-on-one process but it is not therapy or counseling. We won’t delve deeply into your past looking for meaning. Coaching is about looking forward and helping you become adept at managing conflict proactively. I will help you unpack your conflict by listening, asking questions, reflecting back what I see and hear, and pointing out inconsistencies. This process will uncover insights and identify behaviors you may not even be aware of but are contributing to conflict in your life. 

I will encourage and support you, but also hold you accountable to your goals. As a coach I do not impose my solutions on you or give you advice. I recognize you hold the solutions that are best for you. We just have to ferret them out! 

Coaching can help managing conflict in your life without directly involving the other players, or when you want to mediate a dispute but the other person refuses. Even when everyone agrees to mediate, there may be a situation where conflict coaching separately first might pave the way for a more successful and efficient mediation. Or, if you just want to round out your leadership skills by improving your conflict resolution competency, conflict coaching can fill that gap too. 

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