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Resolving conflict 
through mediation and coaching.

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Conflict is expensive. It also hurts relationships, denies us control over our lives and saps our energy. Mediation and coaching are methods for resolving disputes outside of the courtroom that enable you to work out the problem and move forward.


Solutions through collaboration

In mediation, all parties to the dispute come together and participate in reaching a mutually satisfactory result. As the mediator, Fiona relies on her training, keen intuition and practicality, as well as her years of experience as a research attorney working alongside judges, to guide the parties through the process.

Conflict Coaching

The personal approach

Experiencing conflict is part of being human, but most of us are woefully unprepared to deal with it in a productive way. Fiona's one-on-one coaching sessions help you navigate conflict in your life so you can reach your goals.

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About Fiona

As an attorney, I've had a front row seat watching people's conflicts play out in litigation. Lawsuits take a great toll, even on the ultimate victor. While working for the trial court I started volunteering my services as a mediator, trying to help people resolve their disputes more quickly in a way that gave them more control over the outcome. Those experiences led me to pursue a conflict resolution practice that not only produces fulfilling results but also leads to personal transformation.

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